“How how wrong, how twisted, how ill-fated it should be that you were the one to bring out my poetry.” A collection of poetry written by Kara Petrovic, a 21 year old who struggles with PTSD, and her diagnoses between Bipolar II Disorder and Borderline Personality. These poems give a look into the heartbreak, anguish, and ultimately, acceptance that comes to those afflicted with Mental Illness. Spanning across three years, they are an anthology of her relationships — with those who loved her, those who did not, those whom she loved and the way she tried to love herself.
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It’s difficult for me to consider myself a proper writer, let alone an author, despite evidence pointing the the contrary. There isn’t a time I don’t remember writing stories, before I even learned to speak my mother tells me I would organize my toys as an audience and gesture about wildly. To me, writing is how I best communicate and, oftentimes, the only way I can.

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  1. Kara, I really love how you share the personal issues that mental illness brings in lives! I found this book because my college poetry class wanted us to write an essay on a book of poems by women authors, and I am really into learning of others mental disorders ( I have been through a lot of them myself), so I happened to find this on the internet and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! Your deep descriptions are so touching and also relatable. For my college essay, I wrote about the physical effects you share in the poems “Little Lies” and “Little Gardens” that these disorders can bring. I absolutely agree that it can be hard to get yourself out of bed when you feel what is the point of it. Then I wrote how these disorders can affect our relationships with others. I found some of those in the “For the ones who did not love me” section. Honestly people should be sensitive to those with any illnesses going on and not play games, but I guess its nice that we have lessons learned and what to watch out for in the future. I just want to let you know thank you so much for writing this book. It means a lot when people speak up about real issues that this world has, and we can learn from this book that we arent alone and these poems are liberating our inner thoughts from your deep words.

    1. Alexis,

      Thank you for such a kind review. It means a lot to me that you liked my book enough to write an essay about it. Really, it is quite touching. I am so happy to hear that you were able to connect with my words, as that is why I wrote it in the first place! I’m absolutely floored by your comments. It is incredibly validating to hear that others were able to gain something from my words.

      I wish you all of the best, and thank you again for reading!

      Love and care,

      Kara Petrovic

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