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Can a damaged child become a successful priest? Mark Edwards’ story of life behind the dog collar is an honest, moving and sometimes hilarious account of a man who is determined to be true to God and to his priestly calling, despite a growing conflict between his personal struggle with faith and what he is paid to believe. The past casts a long shadow over Mark’s new life as a parish priest. His first curacy is an unmitigated disaster. A return visit to the children’s home he left under a cloud as a teenager reveals that Mark remains scarred by the rejections and turbulent emotions of his childhood. These insecurities, combined with a serious health problem, lead to misunderstandings with his first training vicar, a siege mentality in the curate’s house and a dramatic outburst in the bishop’s palace. Mark is so disillusioned with the church hierarchy that he gives God three months to turn things around.


‘ A pacey fluent irresistible read with a Tiggerish bounce, nakedly candid, forthright and impressive ‘ Quentin Letts Daily Mail

Mark Edwards takes the reader on a personal emotional roller-coaster, while conveying what it’s like to be a vicar in a Northern industrial town ”
The Independent

‘ Courageous and inspiring ‘ The Times

‘ A very honest and revealing book and a good read ‘ – ITV Lorraine Kelly

This is a book that seesaws the reader from fits of giggles on one page to swirling depths of emotion on the next . Pam Rhodes BBC Television.

” A refreshingly honest and candid insight into the private life of a public figure who made a big impression on the local community ”
Features editor, Jo-Anne Davies, Evening Mail Cumbria

” A refreshing down to earth account of the difficulties and challenges facing a Vicar and his family”
( church of England Newspaper )

‘Mark Edwards’ life story has covered so many extremes that there are moments where you think (or perhaps hope, for his sake) that they are exaggerated. But throughout it all, he retains a clear-eyed sense of perspective and which keeps his prose from straying into melodrama. An excellent read, powerful and revealing..’

Natalie Haynes ( booker prize judge )
Columnist /The Times

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” A very endearing read ”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mrs. R. J. Wilson

What a great read. I am very impressed by anyone who chooses the right path to take. No one says it’s ever easy, but life is a journey. The support you have is immense.
Well done and carry on with the good work you do.

About the Author

I have been married 30 years and have 4 children. My journey towards healing and wholeness from a child in care, mental health patient and homeless young man has been long and challenging, but its a journey I have had to make in order to move on from being a victim.

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