The story is a fantasy aimed at the adolescent age group, but an adventure easily enjoyed by all ages. Set in what seems to be a prosperous kingdom where the gentle monarch and his family climb the front tower of the evolving palace for daily exercise and for him to survey his booming and prosperous nation. A large, ancient tower obscures his view of the north. Unknown to the king, and to most of his subjects, the north is impoverished, deprived of the once great river that is now no more than a muddy trickle. Beyond the view of the king and most of his subjects, the northerners eke out a barely substantial living. From this north comes the peasant girl, Roisin, who has taken on her father’s role as a seller of homemade brooms in a small marketplace near the older part of the palace. She gets a chance to visit the palace grounds and meets up with the prince and princess without knowing who they really are and becomes a friend to them, visiting regularly and staying long beyond the closing of the gate until a sharp-eyed guard catches on and has her banished.
Meanwhile a plot to overthrow the government is being planned in which an unwitting Rosin plays a part. With the help of a retired former Royal BodyGuard now living in the disguise of an aged rustic an attempt is made to right all the wrongs that lay like a dark cloud on the royal family and their friends.

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Writer and author promoting a book. it’s an ebook on Kindle. looking for readers and feedback to decide whether a sequel is in order.

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