When young Billy wakes up feeling seasick on a ship in the middle of the sea, he is at a loss to know what has happened. Slowly the memory comes back into his mind, of him running away from his gran’s house to travel to Ireland in search of the mysterious Healing Well. Billy, staying with his grandmother while his mum is ill in hospital, has listened to her tales of life in Ireland; of leprechauns, fairies, the mystical Rainbow Bird of Glendalough and the amazing Healing Well. Maybe the waters from the well can heal his mum? Taking only his gran’s prize cream pot, Billy sets out to find the well, not realising the adventures he is to face along the way.
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A wonderful adventure story”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Clare M

This is a wonderful adventure story set in a mystical Ireland, a thrilling, fast-paced fantasy read for children aged from 7 years and will appeal to both boys and girls.

The book is imaginative, well written and packed with interesting characters that you instantly take to your heart. It is not just a good read for able children but an enjoyable one for parents to share by reading aloud.

This is a fabulous first book from Helen C Burke and hopefully there will be more adventures and quests about Billy and his family for us all to share.

About the Author

Helen C Burke was born in Drogheda Co Louth on 31st October 1955 and now lives in Kent with her husband. Passionate about writing, she wrote Billy’s search for the Healing Well, her debut book, which had previously languished on her computer for five years, while travelling around Europe and Morocco. A mother of three adult children and grandmother of three, Helen worked as a part time administration assistant for her local Adult Education Authority before taking a career break to travel and to improve her writing skills.

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