Black Child to Black Woman

Readers of contemporary romances and coming of age fiction will find Tara's story of her evolution and life experiences are astute, compelling, and hard to put down.
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Book Description:

“If you are looking for a true, gritty story about life in its rawest form, then Black Child to Black Woman…will fit the bill.” — Readers Favorite

When twenty-four-year-old Tara Walker goes home for her brother’s funeral, she discovers the secret journal she started when she was eight. As she reads, she is pulled back into her complicated, raw, and often frightening childhood, where drug addiction, alcoholism and predators brought chaos into her privileged, middle-class home.

Through the love and guidance of her hard-working parents, Tara navigates these threats and matures into a smart, strong, young woman. Yet, even as she celebrates small personal victories, she spirals into a dark depression from disturbing family secrets and rejection. Through it all, she journals her changing perspective on the world around her and continues to smile in the face of adversity.

When it’s time for Tara to become a mother herself, she must once again conquer her traumatic past to discover the true meaning of life, happiness, family and unconditional love. Tara’s gripping, raw and illuminating coming-of-age journey will captivate readers as they watch this intelligent black child grow into an extraordinary black woman.
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From the Prologue to the last page, I could not stop reading this sometimes tragic journey of a woman’s transition from a nine year old to an adult. Quite a few 'shocking' events that make the reader wince a bit, and situation after situation of post-college grad decisions that make the reader wonder “when will the main character ever wake up and smell the roses?”. All in all an interesting story about an African American woman’s life experience, although I must add that this story is in no way indicative of the typical African American journey. So many back-to-back bad relationship decisions at times made me want to stop reading and pull out my hair, but it is most definitely an interesting read. The addition of the witty, humorous little quips throughout, make the rough parts more bearable. Plenty of humor in this sometimes sad story and the part about the “blue pill” had me laughing by butt off! The nine year old’s “pronunciation” of certain words in Chapter One was totally cute. I loved this story and recommend it highly!

-- BrooklynMom

Cheryl Denise Bannerman (Author)

Even at the age of seven, up and coming Author Cheryl Denise Bannerman, would sit for hours on end reading about faraway lands, intriguing characters and intoxicating storylines. And by a pre-teen, she was writing poetry for publication and short stories for school that moved the reader to laughter, tears, and sometimes anger. She was an old creative soul from a young age, experiencing way too much ‘life’ than she would have liked. Now this little girl is all grown up with a child of her own. A child who also loves to write, and even has a unique and masterful talent for drawing as well. When Author Cheryl Powell (pen name, Cheryl D. Bannerman) is not writing for her next book, she is running her 21-year old virtual B2B Training and Development company based out of her Orlando, Florida, home. Since 1996, she has been known as an Instructional Design and e-Learning Specialist — with clients all over the US and overseas — creating classroom training materials, e-Learning modules, job aides and more for corporate employees and their clients. This author also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Science degree in IT Project Management and Leadership. She manages multiple projects over various time zones as an expert Training and Development Service Provider. Her wide range of training experience, from classroom-based as a Computer Instructor to online universities as a Professor, all the way to the corporate arena — in conjunction with her background in Technology — has greatly contributed to her success in the field of Training and Development. In her spare time, Cheryl Powell loves to read murder mysteries, attend museums, watch movies, try new restaurants and cuisines, shop with her daughter, and take in the sun on the beach. And, although this author’s works are fiction, she has incorporated many of her personal life’s experiences into their stories.

Readers of contemporary romances and coming of age fiction will find Tara's story of her evolution and life experiences are astute, compelling, and hard to put down.

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