Black, Red, Yellow and White Lies Matter Too

by – Marie Arruda Machado-MEDICI (Author)

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Are we educated, or are we indoctrinated? What do we really know? How do we know these things? Let us now open our eyes, our ears, and our hearts and get ready for a brand-new narrative! It is time we take a hard look at our history books and get together to discuss what needs to be done to change things. We always talk about how our history and the textbooks are inaccurate, but we never correct them, at least many of us do not. This history discussion must be inclusive to include all races, creeds and colors. We must not be afraid to look at the past, explore it, correct it and move on unified. We are stuck, and we cannot fail another generation of school children. This work must be done together. We will never achieve equity if the common people have limited access to the truth. Let us make things right and get back to the ideals of freedom and equality for all.

About the Author: Marie Arruda Machado-MEDICI

Marie Medici is a disabled veteran and a special education teacher of more than 20 years. Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, the city (and state) her great-grandfather Thomas Hooker founded, she has deep ties to that whole area, where some of her other ancestors also owned land at the time of exploration. Marie’s grandmother was a big inspiration for her as a child, a role later taken on by her parents, children, and grandchildren, as well as her faithful friends.Marie has been writing books since she was 18, and poems since the age of eight. She started writing her first poem one summer sitting at her grandparents’ dining table at their farm. Her hobbies are collecting things, woodworking, genealogy, archeology, reading, and writing. A recent family addition was Bubby, who is following in Tiger’s footsteps, the best friend anyone could ever have, the best dog in the entire world.

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