51g5dlRWIFL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_A resistant strain of falciparum malaria accounted for significant US casualties in Iraqi Freedom’s early years. A special research study to treat this type of malaria involved a CDC chief physician and two New York specialists. These three individuals induce, rather than treat acute malaria attacks with added delirium to obtain inside stock market trader information. Almost a billion dollars were made until collateral damage with death and attempted murders draw attention by the NYPD and the CIA. Senator Clement, Drs. Ganucci, Krantz and Bellini use three war returnee malaria patients to milk the stock exchange and use murder, intimidation and extortion to maintain their scheme.
Detective Furdis Nosh is a relentless redhead female sleuth who will not let go of the investigation. Former Special Forces Officer David Swanson is a malaria victim who wants out of the malaria study alive. He’s distraught over a colleague ending up comatose during one of his malaria episodes. The woman, Lisa Feldman, is kidnapped from the hospital as her memory of Krantz and Binelli returns. Swanson joins with CIA Agent Mallory Finder when Finder’s fiancée, Lisa Feldman is abducted.
Senator Clement uses all means at his disposal to thwart revelation of his malaria-stock market scheme. Snipers, contract killers and deadly healthcare workers reach out with their lethal tentacles to prevent exposure. Nosh and Fender are not enough to probe and disclose the stock market assault. Swanson and Finder need the help of the other two malaria veterans to break the case. They have to reach them before Senator Clement’s hired killers or the CDC doctor’s malaria attacks kill each one.

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My thrillers are based on my background as a Physician. Two years into retirement I have eleven novels available on and more to come.

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