51Yao1CrVpL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The crime was brutal. The conspiracy was hidden well. They did not count on the Shadow Wolf.

Ragnar Skyggesson, called Grimfang, is both an exile and one of the legendary Twiceborn. After the grave spit him out, he found himself alone and adrift, a man without honour or purpose. He plumbed the depths of his character in a city famed for depravity and greed until a good friend helped him find his way again. Now, that woman needs his help; there has been a murder, a slow and vicious affair, and all signs point to an Assassin. There is no one else willing to face such a deadly foe, no one else to champion the dead, none save Grimfang, who fears not the Nightblades.

But in the city of Myrrhn nothing is ever as it seems. There are few innocents in a place where everything is for sale, and even fewer peaceful endings.

Come ruin! Come glory! Come courage and red joy. THE WOLF-TIME IS NOW!

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About the Author

I live in Guelph, Ontario, a Canadian University town of middling size. I live here because I am trying to solve a mystery, namely why this town is such a geographical oddity: it is about an hour away from everything in the province.

I had absolutely nothing to with the sinking of Atlantis, nor did I put that iceberg in the way of the Titanic. Ignore those rumors, please.

I grew up on a small farm outside of town (just outside, and yet an hour away) and often had to fend for myself in the entertainment department. Fantasy Novels, Role-Playing Games and Computer Games were my pastimes of choice as a child.

My family have always been “big readers”. Part of the joy of writing is when they respond positively to my work.

The motivational “carrot” I dangled in front of myself when writing Bloodlust, my first book, was not to play a game from a favoured series (Skyrim/Elder Scrolls series) until I finished writing and sold enough copies to buy a better computer (~1000).

I spent a year writing a Haiku a day as preparation for larger projects and to cleanse my palate from technical writing.

I have worked as a game designer and toiled in several factories. You don’t always get your pick of jobs in a small town, I guess.

I attended the University of Guelph, earning a BA in History with a minor in classics.

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