Seven organized crime Families, known as the Seven Blessed Families, rule the world of Exodus and its people with the use of their mysterious magical artifacts, called Relics. Relics give powers to the Blessed members of the Families, and they use those powers for corruption and control of everything in Exodus.
Maretto Rose, the patriarch of the Rose Family-considered to be the most powerful of all the Seven Blessed Families-celebrates his 50th birthday by attending a performance at the Grand Theater with three of his four sons. The night is full of enjoyment, until the theater is attacked by Zasso Cicello, the son of the Cicello Family patriarch, who attempts to abduct Maretto Rose using the gifts of his magical Blessing. The Rose patriarch’s son, Georgiano, attempts to protect his father and family by fighting Zasso, but is ultimately slain. The abduction of Maretto fails and he and the rest of his sons escape, as Zasso flees and goes into hiding. Now, the Rose Family must figure out where Zasso is hiding and determine who ultimately gave him the order for the attack.
Meanwhile, Maretto’s youngest son, Ric, must reunite with his family while he battles his addictions, in order to become a Blessed member of the Family and become the man he was destined to be.
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Jordan Petrarca(1981) was born near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He moved to Erie, Pennsylvania as a kid where he currently lives with his wife. His first published book, “The Sprite Thief” is a fantasy/adventure story and is the first installment of the series, “The Table of the Magi”. He enjoys writing fantasy because he grew up playing video games such as Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. He is also a very avid reader of many genres. Jordan is currently working on the second installment of the series and the first book of another series in which he combines the genres of gangster and fantasy, called “Blood and Roses”.

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