51I9zds7eJL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The haunting rhythms of native Batá drums and the dark mysteries of Santeria cast a spell over newspaper reporter Mac McKinney as he uncovers the 200-year Saga of African princess and Santeria priestess, Congo Julia. Taken violently from her home village in the Congo by Spanish slave traders and transported on a ship of human misery, Congo Julia survives and grows while working at the Estanoz tobacco plantation in Colonial Cuba. In 1858, her saga takes her to Key West, a rough but burgeoning town of seafaring wreckers, spongers and cigar houses. Now, though long dead, Congo Julia is pursued by ghosts from her past and reporters from her future– as her saga carries her home.

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” I have just finished this book – it is beautiful, magical”

Five Star Review on Amazon By maureen Harrison

I have just finished this book – it is beautiful, magical, wonderful. I loved it, and even though I didn’t want to leave Cuba and I put the book down for a couple of days before going into Key West – the final Key West chapters were so exciting, embracing the history and the future of our little island – with a brilliant, explosive cemetery scene. My drive past there will never be the same!
It’s a great story – Maureen, Key West.

About the Author

A Key West resident for more than two decades, Michael Ritchie served as political reporter and associate editor of the original Key West The Newspaper. He was also editor of the Key West Morning Star, which he helped found with Michael Halpern and island legend Hilario Charlie Ramos, Jr.
Ritchie is a novelist and historian of the Cuban Revolution. Blood of the Dragon Tree is the result of more than six years of research and writing. His Keys best-selling novel Cayo Hueso/Cuba Libre is available at Amazon.com and on Kindle, as well as other e-outlets.

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