51nXwo0rqfL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_It’s the mid-1950s in small-town Arkansas, and five-year-old Anna Fay Kelly needs help. She witnessed her mother Flo murder her father in a fit of rage–not in self-defense, as the jury believed when they found her not guilty of murder. Now every day, Anna and her elderly Aunt Ellie must bear the brunt of Flo’s unpredictable fury, malice, duplicity, and cruelty. Deceived by Flo’s beauty, wit and charm, no one listens to Anna’s cries for help. Flo tells them Anna is “bad” and “tells stories” and “a mother knows her own child, doesn’t she?” The abuse worsens when Flo remarries to a man whose psychopathy rivals her own. Finally, at age eleven, Anna knows what she must do to protect herself and her frail aunt from further harm. Aunt Ellie said, “Never tell”, but blood always tells.

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” This book is a great read and well written”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Ralph Dean Spears

This book is a great read and well written! This was a time when difficult things were hidden, ignored and lots of times not believed by those who were supposed to love us. Though Anna, Patti spoke for lots of young girls. Thank you Patti Adams, what is next?

About the Author

Patti L. Adams is originally from central Arkansas, but now makes her home in Memphis, Tennessee. Her upbringing and experiences in Arkansas set the scenes for her first novel, Blood Relatives, which she describes as a “sweet little story about horrible things.” She attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Graduate School of Psychology, earning a Master of Arts in Applied Psychology. Working in the areas of mental health, social services, human resources, and bail bonding has given her unique perspectives and insights into human behaviors, so she loves to write about the lies people live. She is currently working on her second novel.

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