Blood, Sweat & Years is the story of one man’s journey in Aikido from novice to 5th degree Black Belt. It is a light-hearted description of the trials, tribulations but most all fun over the years. As the Author says on the back cover: “None of the names have been changed to protect the innocent, there aren’t any.”

Extracts from the Forward by Sensei Tony Sargeant 6th Dan Aikikai:

“John has written about his travels, friendship, experiences and often humorous adventures in his quest to embrace this wonderful Martial Art Aikido.”

“This book has awoken many memories, which I had forgotten of our time together both in the UK and various parts of the world.”

“I thank John for all that he has given to the Art of Aikido, his accomplishments are more than most will achieve in a lifetime.”

This is a book that can be enjoyed by the non-martial artist and martial artist.

Extracts of the review by Brian Stockwell, editor of the “Aikido Times”:

“There are a lot of accounts that will resonate with readers who have, for example, endured their first encounters with ukemi or waited nervously for their turn to take a grading.”

“More senior Aikido will certainly recognise many of the names liberally sprinkled throughout the book, as well as mentions of broken bones, bruises and other injuries!”

“I am sure we have all been at events where we can reminisce and share stories with like-minded friends – and that’s what it feels like reading this book.”

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“Written with great humour, this book captures the personal dedication and discipline required to progress in the martial art of Aikido.
It introduces the reader to many different destinations and cultures experienced in the writer’s quest to immerse himself in his love
of this martial art.
This book is immensely readable and in my opinion it is worth having on one’s bookshelf.”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Jane


About the Author

John Longford was born in 1949 in Cambridge UK. He started Aikido in 1980, progressed to 5th Dan and is the Dojocho of Cambridge Aikido, more details of which can be found on He is also on the board of the parent organisation, Takemusu Iwama Aikido.
John loves motorcycling, genealogy and reading as well as his main passion, Aikido. His book, Blood, Sweat & Years is the story of that Aikido Journey.

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