Blood Trail: Fannin County, Texas by G. H. Lambert

51gZxlIX0ML._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_It is 1836 and the final days of the war with Mexico when Dylan Ryan decides to lose himself in the vastness of Texas, lured by the promise of free land. After befriending a man who is a target for outlaws because of his knowledge about where gold bullion is buried, Dylan realizes his ignorance of the ways of life in the wilderness will make him a target too. Hoping to elude the outlaws, Dylan, and his new friend join a small wagon train and try to blend in with families headed up the Red River Trail.

Along the way, Dylan meets young Abigail Waverly, whose marriage to Jamison, a man many years her senior, has fizzled before it’s even begun. After learning that their marriage was a sham, designed to garner Jamison more land as a married man, Abigail is left disheartened and afraid. She tries to gain Dylan’s sympathy and protection from the rough men who would take advantage of her. It doesn’t take long for Dylan to become smitten with the golden-haired woman. In time, he will believe that their brief time together has resulted in his fathering the child she carries.

Now both Abigail and Dylan find themselves at a crossroads and know that the answer to their problems won’t be easily gained. Surviving in the face of insurmountable difficulties is only the beginning of what fate has in store for them. Will they beat the odds and finally live the lives they always dreamed of having?

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Impressive debut western”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Beverly Clark

This was an impressive debut book. The characters were all well crafted and the plot rich with details.

I just started reading westerns this year. I liked the attention to historical detail (as I’m a big history buff) but even if history isn’t your favorite subject, the characters and story will draw you in.

Excellent book and look forward to more from this author.

About the Author

G.H. Lambert is a sixth generation Texan whose ancestors first settled when Texas was under Mexican rule. Needless to say, many stories of life in the early days of Texas have been handed down through the generations. Now retired, G.H. Lambert travels the back roads, researching old traces where wagons once rolled, finding the exact locations of original settlements and stockades where people banded together for protection against attacks by hostiles. Once found, these places are documented and photographed to be used as backdrops for future books.
After a varied career, and years of managing a family-owned business, G.H. Lambert now enjoys retirement, which affords the author with time to pursue a life-long dream of writing fiction.

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