51Yao1CrVpL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_This book carries a word author Anthony Boquet created in 2010, a word of great meaning. The word Solutionary was born out of a personal need to raise solutions to a level higher than the problems they solve, while the term “problem-solver” elevates the problem as the key term. When we learn to focus on solutions instead of problems, great things begin to happen. Are you a parent, a business owner, a teenager wanting to find your way through life, an elderly person wishing you could leave a positive mark in the world, or just an average person facing life’s trials and rewards? If so, then read this book to learn where wisdom first began. Join us on this mystical journey and find out if you too are a Modern Solutionary! Written as a modern fable, this inspirational guide will help you expand and broaden your wise decision making skills using the wisdom of the first Solutionary, King Solomon. Together we will be mentored by Wise King Solomon himself as we journey through time, to the days when Solomon and his scribe Arif created the Scrolls of Wisdom, lost through the passage of time only to be found centuries later by one of Solomon’s great, great, great…grandchildren. Surrounded by mystery and unexplained events, the heirs of Solomon pick up where he left off, discovering lessons which must never be lost again. In the story you will learn about the first Solutionary, Wise King Solomon, and how he and his heirs were given the gift of Wisdom by God; they in turn share the lessons with their disciples. As a means of broadening the number of Solutionary Disciples, they continue to spread important and ancient lessons such as the Wisdom Formula, Solomon’s Principles, how to overcome the Flaws of Free Will and much more. Join us if you desire to make wise decisions and wish to share your wisdom with others in need.

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“I’ve recently been exposed to this delightful book and have known the author through a mutual business client. This is great stuff! We all have the power to transform our lives and the lives of others. Let Tony show you how through this book”. Jim Cathcart, author of The Acorn, The Acorn Principle: Know Yourself, Grow Yourself “Modern Solutionary” captivates your attention from the moment of it’s introduction and is very Og Mandinoesque. I love those thought-provoking questions and can’t wait to read it and be wisdomized! Thanks and blessings, Mayor Mickey”

Review  by Mayor of the Village of Burr Ridge & President of Sales Activity Management, Inc.

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