51+oL4BslLL._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_In this remarkable compelling memoir author Horace Crenshaw Jr. tells his story of being a commander that was put in charge of an Army Reserve Petroleum Unit during the initial months of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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” Hope”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Ginae B. McDonald

Thank goodness this is a short read. It’s clear that someone has coached Mr. Crenshaw into some modicum of verbosity. However, we do not mean to dog the book. We do not. There are, in fact, some bits/experiences of wisdom, patience and victory that make the entire piece palatable. We also wish that there had been more feelings involved in the book.

Our favorite chapter was the last one. While there were other positive words throughout the remaining piece, it was this last chapter that offers the most hope. It’s this last chapter which instructs resilience, as though it were something in a school book, to easily be gleaned by the reader/student.

For Crenshaw’s positivity and his compassion towards others, the entire book is worth a read. It’s not a long one at that. Those of us who find the task of reading a laborious one certainly appreciate that fact.

For those of us who need hope, who are in one bad situation after another, who think that we are alone, here on earth, this is for whom the book was written. It was written for those amongst us who are smart enough to look forward and ahead and plow anyway. It was written for the soldier, for the individual, for the hopeless.

About the Author

Horace Crenshaw, Jr. received his B.S. Degree in Political Science in 1994 from Tuskegee University. He went on to receive a M.A. Degree in International Relations from Webster University in 1999 and a Master Certificate in Project Management from The George Washington University. Currently, he is a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserves. His accomplishments and achievements while serving as a Commander during Operation Iraqi Freedom have been chronicled in Marquis’ Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, and the 2007 Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders (First Edition). He is married to Rhonda L.Crenshaw and they reside in Stafford, VA. Also, he has one daughter, Nilah I. Crenshaw who lives in Atlanta, GA.

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