Blue Crystal: remastered by Krishelle Blackwell

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Book Description

41QixeUsAoL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_After 32 years of searching for the rings protector in Baltimore, MD, Agnis finds Crystal and becomes a patient at the hospital where she works. Agnis cannot contain herself once she is positive that Crystal is truly the “protector” and immediately attempts to give her the ring. Crystal finds the ring attractive and feels the pull of it; however, laws prevent receiving such gifts while at work so Crystal politely refuses the ring. Crystal goes on about her day and finds herself talking to her crush for the last 2 years, Dr. Rashon Reese. After successfully securing a lunch date with him, Crystal goes home to find the ring in her jewelry box. This is the beginning of all the excitement, Crystal follows her instinct and puts the ring on. Instantly she has a vision of two men fighting. The encounter scares her and she tries to get the ring back to Agnis only to find out she’s no longer a patient. Crystal has no idea that the ring has powers and that it chose her, not Agnis, and goes on a hunt to track Agnis down. While Crystal searches for Agnis she feels compelled to wear the ring and strange things start happening, such as healing her little cousin while at her party.
Rashon notices the ring Crystal is wearing, sees a part of it is broken and that it matches a crystal he found as a child. On their next date he brings the crystal he has and the pieces automatically click themselves into place on the ring. Crystal is now really freaked out and explains everything that has been going on and how she came to acquire the ring. Rashon decides to help Crystal track down Agnis. Before they find her, Crystal has a vision about an assassin coming to kill Agnis and the ring “tells” Crystal where she is in order to save her. Once Agnis is saved, she explains to Crystal where she is from and about the war that’s going in Trigone and that Crystal was chosen to help save Earth and Trigone from Calgar. Crystal accepts the job of protecting the ring and Agnis, with the help of her family, from Calgar, who now knows of her existence. The harder Crystal tries to have a normal life the crazier things get and the more her life is in danger, since Calgar now knows the ring in her possession and is tracking her every move.
Months go by as Crystal and Rashon both try their hardest to keep one step ahead of Calgar, until the very first vision Crystal ever had comes back again. This time the vision was much clearer, she has to go save Agnis’ son Nasir. In Trigone, she learns of Rashon’s connection to the ring that he himself doesn’t know about and family secrets are revealed. Now Crystal not only has to protect Agnis and the ring, but Prince Nasir as well, who can’t seem to grasp that she’s just not into him. In the end, Calgar doubles up the assassins he sends to Earth forcing Crystal and her family to travel to Trigone to end a thirty-two year old war.

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“Great book, it’s a romance novel with a sci-fi …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Ritch Blackman

Great book, it’s a romance novel with a sci-fi and urban twist…very unique. If you are looking for something different this is it…

About the Author

Krishelle Blackwell is x-ray tech from Baltimore, MD. She’s wife and mother who loves reading and decided to write a book of her own. With her imagination and her religious beliefs, in 2012 in her spare time, she wrote her first novel, a sci-fi romance named Blue Crystal and is the 1st novel in the trilogy called the Star Ring series. The next books in her series are White Vision coming in 2015 and Green Armor. When Krishelle isn’t browsing the book shelves or writing; she enjoys family fun at amusement parks, shopping and just relaxing at her favorite mountain resort.