Blue Ring Assassins

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Book Description:

Here is what the beta readers have said:”What a great concept, love the plot.” USA”Gripping novel, the historical aspect of the novel really interested me. I love historical fiction generally, so this was a great read.” South Africa”I commend you on the plot, I love the plot! Great read.” Spain”This is truly such an interesting and unique story and I think it would make a great series.” Slovenia Berlin 1939 – 1943 From the smoking ruins of a bombed Berlin brothel, three shocked and injured female survivors are taken to a secluded training facility by Nazi officer, Gruppenführer Walter Schellenberg. They’re not there for official business but for medical treatment.Trained by the SS officer in all aspects of espionage, the women are desperate to survive. They turn the tables on their armed captors and kill them. After covering their tracks, the women return to ply the only trade they know… with an added twist. Somehow these ‘sisters in arms’ escape the attention of the Nazis, despite the high rank of their victim, and their lucrative business thrives. They haven’t escaped everyone’s notice though. British Intelligence were monitoring Schellenberg’s operations for some time, and their attention has zeroed in on the three women. They dispatch one of their top male agents to make contact…

Stephen Cohen (Author)

Stephen Cohen Born, Sutton-In-Ashfield, England. As a child, I use to play on the Major Oak in Sherwood forest with my brothers but never got to be Robinhood, maybe that was because they are older than I am. When my grandfather died, some forty plus years ago now, he left me a handful of WWII items, this sparked my interest in world war history, in particular, WWII. Over the past twenty years, I have travelled to over fifty countries around the world, always making sure I visited any sites, museums of interest. You can check out my travels on my website. The inspiration for writing this novel came about after watching a TV program called “World War Weird” I love anything to do with WWII but my other passion is music. I have written and produced many songs over the years, you will find an EP on Amazon that goes with my novel, for a taste, watch the book advert which includes a clip of one song from the EP. I am currently writing the second book in this series, so watch out for that later in the next year.

Dear Reader, author’s recently published book “Blue Ring Assassins” is now available on leading bookstores, get your copy now and help the author by writing a review of the book.
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