Book one in the Troll Stories series.
Granny and Lula meet the trolls for the first time.
Blue Troll has been picking blueberries. He goes to sleep under a bush and wakes up to find his berry rod broken and his special berry catcher gone, and Granny and Lula help him look for it. Along the way they meet Yellow Troll, Water Troll and Red Dragon, who is stuck at the top of a tree and has to be rescued.
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“A lovely new series for children.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Rosglee

This is a delightful children’s book, which has proved very popular with my great nieces aged 5 and 3. The story has a very pleasing simplicity but somehow all the characters come to life through the dialogue and the pictures, which again have great charm and character. I’m looking forward to some more in the series.

About the Author

Annabel Schiøtz lives in Norway with her husband. She has seven grandchildren, one dog and a liking for the trolls and dragons found lurking in the woods where she lives. On her walks she takes pictures of them and these have turned into stories.
The stories have turned into books and are available on Amazon and CreateSpace.
They are about the adventures of a granny, a fluffy dog, seven colourful trolls, a sad dragon, a rainbow coloured duck and various other characters. And of course, grandchildren, who wouldn’t be left out. The two eldest appeared in Book 4, and in Book 5, soon to come out, the next three have joined in, the babies will no doubt also be included soon. The website is

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