51qsO80+d+L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Are you suffering from chronic back pain? Struggling to find something–anything–that actually provides some relief?

What if finding a lasting solution to your pain is easier than you’ve ever imagined?

Forget the Band-Aids of drugs and surgeries, and go for the cure. For nearly 30 years Geoff Dakin, former president of the Massage Therapists Association of British Columbia, has helped thousands of people, including the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League, to address and resolve their pain problems. Now, in a new guide, he empowers you to help yourself.

Based on the latest science and Dakin’s own experience, The Body Mechanic’s Handbook: Why You Have Low Back Pain and How to Eliminate It At Home argues that the fundamental cause of most low back pain is musculoskeletal imbalance. The Body Mechanic’s Handbook provides you with the practical tools you need to become your own body mechanic and fix yourself.

Inside the Book:

● What you think is causing your pain–and why it isn’t
● The true, likely causes of back pain, and what you can do about it
● How to improve positioning, mobility, balance, breathing, and more
● Comprehensive exercises, with suggested modifications based on your needs
● Troubleshooting guide

And much more!

You CAN find the comfort and freedom of movement you crave. Grab The Body Mechanic’s Handbook today, and find out how to banish your pain–forever!

“When part of your body breaks down it may seem to come out of the blue, almost spontaneously. If you decide to dig in and work on understanding what caused the breakdown, you’re going to need some expert help. I’ve seen many of my patients benefit from the system Geoff outlines in the Body Mechanic’s Handbook. As you put the pieces of your health puzzle together, you’re going to need a great team; I’m glad to have Geoff Dakin on mine! This book can put him on yours!”
Dr. Jeffrey Scholten BSc, DC, DCCJP The Vital Posture (TM) Clinic, Calgary AB Canada. President – International Chiropractors Association’s Council on Upper Cervical Care

“I was in a bad car vs bicycle accident and immobile for 3 months. Half of my body was working overtime to compensate for my other-sided weakness. Even though I broke my left hip, for a while my right knee hurt worse from overuse and improper use. While on vacation in Canada I saw Geoff once in his office. I felt great following the stretches and manipulations. He has magic hands, but it truly was his Alignment First Protocol that I took with me that brought me lasting relief. It is an incredible system that I would recommend to anyone.”
Dr. Brian Newell. Houston TX

“I injured myself during dance training and the pain was overwhelming. I saw a lot of different doctors and therapists but after seven months I was still getting around in a wheelchair because of the pain. Nobody I saw knew how to help me or where to begin. After the first session with Geoff I never took the wheelchair to his office again. In just 3 months I was pain-free. The Alignment First exercises worked for me.”
Rachel Krisa. Student. Calgary AB

About The Author

Geoff Dakin graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1987 with an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and obtained a diploma from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy (Vancouver) in 1989.

Early in his career Geoff recognized that the vast majority of people who suffer with muscle and joint pain also have imbalances in their muscles, postures and movements. The assessment and elimination of these issues has become his passion.

A vocal advocate of a collaborative model of care, Geoff has been working closely with other healthcare specialists to maximize patient success since 1989. He lives in Calgary AB Canada, maintaining a private practice and teaching massage therapists his Alignment First Protocol.

Geoff can be found on Facebook, on his website at dakinrehab.com and via email at geoff@dakinrehab.com

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“Music to my nervous system!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Heather

“In the presence of significant misalignment, you may not have pain, but only because your body is currently able to compensate enough.”

What I found resonated with me the most in this book is equating chronic pack pain to an over stressed nervous system. I know a lot of people, including myself who get easily stressed or overly anxious and experience tight neck and shoulder muscles or aching joints. Reading this just confirmed my suspicions.

The author doesn’t just pinpoint the problem he also provides a solution. Lots of great illustrations included. I found this to be an invaluable purchase!

Also, we do a lot of these exercises in yoga for anyone who has needed a reason to try it… I’m just saying. ;)


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