Bolan’s Quest Trilogy

Deep within the confines of the Dark Forest lurk the things that we fear most - those of the unknown. Is Bolan about to open the gates that keep them locked away?
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Book Description:

The second volume of the ‘Bolan’s Quest’ fantasy series.

There’s a forest, not far from Barkow, where those that inhabit it never see the light of day. Locked within the eternal black the forest provides, they do not set foot outside the confines of the darkness.
The Rise of the Gnarlis is a gruelling struggle between good and evil as we know it . . .or is it?
Rejoin Bolan, the former priest as he faces a rising evil that emerges from the Dark Forest – Slavin, leader of the blood thirsting Gnarlis. Follow him as he embarks on another quest, but this time, has his path collided with a dark force far too strong? Has he the will to overcome?
Confronted by an impossible choice – hand over the evil black sword or watch those he cares for suffer immeasurably, he must not only battle the darkness that threatens to engulf Barkow and its surrounds, but also toil with the inner demons that plague his weary mind.
Will he be able to find the strength within again in order to overcome the threat not only to himself, but to his entire kind?

Deep within the confines of the Dark Forest lurk the things that we fear most – those of the unknown. Is Bolan about to open the gates that keep them locked away?

Join Bolan, Hogarth and Sterre and a host of new characters in the thrilling sequel to ‘Bolan’s Quest’.

I had the pleasure of Beta reading this book and enjoyed every page! The story continues the tale of Bolan as he finds himself caught up in the middle of a dark plot. Intent on rescuing a woman who stirred life within him after living alone in the woods for so long, Bolan strikes out to track down her kidnappers. Reuniting with old friends and discovering new ones, his adventure takes him across the land into dark, evil places and out again. Bolan must struggle with his conscience and balance what is right and what is easy, but makes one fatal mistake he may never be able to repair the consequences of. When a Gnarlis army rises up attempting to destroy every piece of light in the world, Bolan realizes that the love he finally found would be lost to him forever, a captive of the Gnarlis horde. He will sacrifice everything and risk anything to get her back. This book is written with style and keeps the tension high. It was a fun and thrilling read, I look forward to more from this author!

-- Allyn

Bolan's Quest II: The Rise of the Gnarlis by Paul Simmonds is the story of a war hero named Bolan who was left scarred and devastated after the war that gave him powers that no one else has. After the last battle, Bolan retreated from the community to spend his time away from the world. Losing everyone he loved took a heavy toll on him and he does not feel like sharing his powers with others. However, things change when he meets with beautiful Kyra who is trying to find a cure for her little son. She makes him want to give life a chance once again, to venture out into the world and try to love again. But things are not as easy as he thought it to be. A new evil is lurking just around the corner, ready to destroy not only everything he holds dear but everything that gets in the way. What is going to happen now? Can Bolan let the past go and fight evil one more time? This was an intense and emotional novel. Bolan’s journey, his growth and the way he handled the situation was very believable. I was astounded at the way he showed maturity, handled the stress and made the decisions that he deemed best. The story itself was wonderful. While most epic fantasies tend to be long and tiring, this one is anything but and is amazing. This was a fast-paced and action-packed novel that took me on a journey along with Bolan. I could feel his tension, his despair, and his desperation.

-- Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

About the Author ▸ Paul Simmonds

“Hopefully people will read my books and simply enjoy them.” I was born in Monrovia, Liberia to British parents. Always a creator, I invented several board games in my youth, wrote poetry and generally always looked to make ‘something from nothing’. In 2014, I wrote my first full novel – an adventure story about pirates. Since then, I have taken the exciting and unconfined path into fantasy writing. I hope to produce characters that run much deeper than the pages they are written on. Characters that face the same daily struggles that we do, only they do it in a different world.
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