51uYqRrDCxL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Falling in love wasn’t part of the contract…

Single dad and wounded warrior, Dwayne Dempsey, has no idea what he’s bargained for when he signs a construction contract with the curvy Marla Danaher to honcho her condo conversion. The last thing he needs is a sexy property developer breathing down his neck every step of the project. Her strong-minded bossiness should turn him off, but oddly, only makes her more desirable to him.

Marla Danaher has no time for dates, flirting, or marriage. She leaves that up to her twin sister, Charlene. Building a solid financial future and determining her own destiny are her top priorities. Unfortunately, the former Marine running the construction project she’s poured everything into only complicates everything. His teasing sexual innuendos drive her to distraction, and she can’t ignore his raw physical strength and masculinity. They’re on each other’s nerves day in and day out, but that does nothing to diminish their strong attraction sparking between them. Too bad love scares them both.

When the mother of Dwayne’s daughter suddenly reappears, things take a nasty turn as she fights for sole custody of the child she’d abandoned. There’s no way he’s giving up his daughter, but when a series of break-ins and threats begin, his protective side flares to life. How can he protect those he cares for most without driving them away?

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“Compelling, Interesting, and a great read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Molly Jebber

The story of Dwayne and Marla will touch your heart. Their relationship has lots of twists and turns to keep you up at night. Dwayne is a strong guy, but he has a lot of hurdles to face. Marla is determined and strong willed woman, but a kind and compassionate one too. You find yourself rooting for her and at the same time, you wonder how is she going to get through this problem. You’ll not put this book down once you pick it up! Loved it.

About the Author

By Patty Campbell

After experiencing a couple of world changing events I found I wanted to pursue a new direction and write books. In the past dozen years I’ve written seven contemporary romance novels–Jelly’s Big Night Out was the first to be published in 2012. Once a Marine was released in June 2013. Risky Business debuted in November 2014.

First book of my Wounded Warrior Trilogy, Heart of a Marine, is now available. I write about romantic heroes who are Wounded Warriors facing challenges. Their journey is to conquer those challenges and find lasting love.

The best part of writing romance – I get to fall in love with a new man every time I write a new story.


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