Odes on Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest by David Bates

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Book Description

51cQj2sPK-L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Muhammad Ali burst onto the boxing scene over half a century ago, dominating the sport throughout the sixties and seventies. Yet, his effect on the sport is still prevalent. He evolved into a true pop culture icon whose image remains everywhere. Labeled the “Louisville Lip” by the press, the then Cassius Clay carved up opponents with his quick wit and sharp tongue as easily and thoroughly as with his rapid, razor-sharp punching. Throughout his career, Ali’s highly animated rhyming recitations delivering accurate pre-fight prognostications were as anticipated as his performances in the ring. Ali was the “Poet Laureate of Pugilism.” It is in that spirit that author David A. Bates has created “ODES ON ALI” (‘A Tribute To ‘The Greatest’) covering Ali’s professional boxing career from his pro debut to the fight in which he captured the heavyweight title for the third and final time. Each fight is recalled in a lyrically rhyming poetry style reminiscent of Ali’s own rhyming recitations. A concise biographical portrayal that is an informatively accurate, highly entertaining, read, “ODES ON ALI” was created to be a wonderful walk down memory lane for Ali fans old and new as well as those who might still wonder what all the fuss was about.

Odes on Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest is an original and most impressive book of sports writing and an outstanding collection of poetry all at once. It’s most highly recommended.
-Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite.

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“A heart warming homage to a universal personality.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Eishinas

Paying homage and showing adoration much beyond mere words can describe, author & poet David A, Bates brings out his admiration of life time through his collection of sports poetry ‘Odes on Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest’ for the worlds most renowned boxer ‘Muhammad Ali’
Ali’s shocking victory over George Foreman on a live closed circuit broadcast turned out to be the very initial inspiration for the author, compelling him to put on pages his very passionate love for the heavy weight champion.
‘Odes on Ali’ is definitely an amazing book with a unique poetic and artistic style of narration used by author and poet David depicting the very start of the career of Muhammad Ali till the very hard earned retirement, painting vivid pictures of his action in the ring and out in life.
It was from this enriching and engrossing master piece I learned, that there was much more to discover and pay gratitude to the amazing personality of Muhammad Ali other than just being a celebrity public figure which changed my perspective towards the sport of boxing and the boxer giving it an intense outlook.
This book is one of its kind which surely deserves to be widely read and enjoyed by all and esp. sports lovers and those with interest in poems with depth. Highly recommended!

About the Author

Author David A. Bates has been an avid Ali fan for as long as he can recall. From his very first memory of seeing the image of the then brash young boxer Cassius Clay on his family’s black and white television he was hooked. He has spent a lifetime following the boxing great’s exploits both in and out of the ring and collecting tons of Ali memorabilia along the way. He penned his first poetic account after watching Ali’s shocking victory over George Foreman on a live closed circuit television broadcast. Well received by all who read it then, eventually it became the initial seed of inspiration for this book that was four decades in the making. Mr Bates resides in South Florida.