The Waterfall Concept by Roger Stark

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Book Description:

51DK5gd5CmL._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_Are you seeking to understand addiction or looking to find recovery? Please, let us help. Our goal is to help you understand the mess addiction is.

The Waterfall Concept, A blueprint for addiction recovery, is the new standard in LDS addiction recovery books. It provides insights that give understanding to addiction and well as solutions that lead to recovery. It was written by a recovering addict and trained addiction counselor who combines his life experience, education, cases studies and clinical best practices to produce a truly unique recovery guide.

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“Great analogy”

Five Star Review on Amazon By JJ Butler

I have struggled for years to understand addiction because of members of my family and other friends who are addicts. Each person has there own way of acting out, but they are all addicts. This book is written for the addict, but is well written to help me understand what addiction means and what it takes to truly recover. I have given the book as a gift to many people. I love what it has taught me.

About the Author

Author of “The Waterfall Concept; A blueprint for addiction recovery,” (2010) a composite of my personal and professional experience with addiction. And also “Reclaiming Your Addicted Brain” a collaboration with Irwin Morse about the process of overcoming the Thinking Errors of addiction. (2016) My hope is to help “raise as many bottoms” as possible and foster the healing of recovery.

My approach comes as an “educationalist” making the practical process of healing understandable, fostering hope, building skills and guiding the client through the impediments to serenity.

A retired CDP, licensed in Washington State, I keep myself busy with writing, blogging, coaching, speaking and riding around on my Surly Long Haul Trucker.

My wife of 45 years, Sue and I live in Washington State, our 7 children and their families are spread around the world.

I believe my voice has value, not because of any educational status I have attained, but because of the experience of my own recovery journey.

The Waterfall Concept by Roger Stark

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