ResizeImageHandlerDoes your heart crave more? More of his presence? Join the climb to the highpoints-the place in God where the scenery is breathtaking. Elevation is for those who dare to climb. Climb the mountain to reach your summit with the Holy Spirit as your guide. Reach the pinnacle in a renewed passion and desire for a holy God. Touch the top with your heart and find the God of the mountain. Get ready to climb-get ready to plant your flag at the Highpoint. Go to for more information and resources.

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“A High Step Above Your Typical “Inspirational” Read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Julie Stephens

Let’s be honest… “with Jesus you can do anything” books are a dime a dozen. There’s plenty of big-teethed preachers out there telling you that every day’s a Friday, Jesus wants you to be rich, your daddy God is dancing around on his tiptoes, just waiting to dump blessings all over you if you’ll just believe it in your heart… yeah, I’ve heard all of that. And I’ve tried it. I’ve believed with everything in me. AND IT DIDN’T WORK. So I read this book approximately two pages at a time, with tears in my eyes, because my heart so desperately wants to believe in better things, but my mind was telling me this was just another phony Tinkerbell stardust message.

I kept reading, because I was hungry. And something happened, as I continued reading. My heart began to see a God who defines blessings differently than our general culture defines it. Face it… mountain climbing is not glamorous. Dry, cracked lips; burning muscles; fear; SLEEPING ON THE GROUND (who does this?? I’m no camper!) plus all the dangers of the elements and the incline– and no guarantee you’re going to make it. But the climb is a necessary part of claiming the high point! Slowly, I began to realize how much God was working in my low points. Pulling me, pushing me, comforting me, encouraging me– because He DOES want to bless me! And it’s not by winning the lottery. Because the instant money is NOT the blessing, it’s the heart-pounding moment when you clutch the side of the mountain and haul yourself up over the top with your last bit of strength. Then you collapse on the mountain top, gasping for air and feeling incredible triumph wash over you because YOU DIDN’T GIVE UP! With the agony of the climb behind you, you see God so clearly and you realize that even though the climb was more than you thought it would be, HE IS EVERYTHING He promised HE would be!!

I caught a glimpse of a powerful God that lines up with Scripture, not today’s materialistic, ear-tickling gospel. This book is a must-read because it is truthful. And only truth will get you to the top.

About the Author

Jim Laudell is an author and communicator, he has traveled to 35 states and 13 foreign countries, some as many as nine times, speaking in churches, conferences, auditoriums, business sessions, banquets and retreats. He has been happily married 37 years to Gwen and has two children and five grandchildren. He has lived in Bentonville, AR for ten years.

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