kgkgkgkjWithin these writings, there is no condemnation; rather, true forgiveness, which is a precious gift. Wanda L. Brown takes each reader on her emotional roller coaster journey of life, which includes spiritual, mental, physical, financial and sexual abuses at various levels. However, the hugest challenge that Wanda faces is the death of her only son, whom she had prayed to birth four years prior to the arrival of the miracle that tremendously blessed her life. Just open your heart to the writings within, as healing truly abounds, which is in itself, A Special Gift!

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“A Christian journey of healing and forgiveness”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Valerie Caraotta

This memoir Wanda L Brown has written depicts her experiences, that help shape her outlook on life. Woven in this tapestry is a woman that continued to forge through much pain, untimely deaths, and sorrows – yet learned how the mighty hand of God could carry her when she was immobilized. Her delightful remembrance of her early childhood, described as “perfect “in her young eyes, would come to a halt as the daddy she cherished passed away. “In just one instant my human anchor was gone… tears covered our faces… There was no safe shelter in sight in the mist of this unpredictable hurricane. ”

It would be the beginning of a series of windfalls that would spiral her into depression, low self-esteem, two failed marriages, rape and the death of her only son. These by no means are matter-of-factly listed but within the pages of this book are very detailed happenings of her journey from the palace to the pit and later on the way to the promised land. It is a road she would choose few to travel on. The reader will identify with Wanda Brown if they experienced any of the following:
– Divorce and/or marital abuse
– Death of a child
– debilitating injury resulting in prolonged treatment and pain
– A born-again believer trying to deal with forgiveness

Forged in these pages is the realization of a sovereign God that delights to show himself strong when we are at our weakest. Wanda Brown’s journey with Christ and the assistance of counseling will prove that fragmented pieces in her life can in fact be put back together. This is not a book just to reveal her life but to encourage others, for out of her pain has come her ministry. A recent college degree has inspired her to use each talent in future endeavors toward those less fortunate.

If you need hope to believe there can be a better tomorrow than this book will be helpful in giving you a “never give up “attitude. Lessons learned from past successes and failures will be informative and Scriptures are used throughout to strengthen your Christian walk.

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Mother of three beautiful children/Associate Chaplain/Senior Accountant/Motivational Speaker/Author of ‘A Special Gift’/Child of the most High God!

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