51tdtGIEQRL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Abraham Brown, Patch Hancock and Indigo Templeton are three American servicemen, separated from their platoon, biding their time in southern France during the Second World War, when they are captured by a desperate group of Renegade Nazi soldiers. This is a meeting that will change the lives of all three men, their captors, and those of the many people they will encounter in the days, weeks and years following that fateful day.
Abraham and his two compatriots manage to escape from their bonds, into an adventure which is both violent and spiritual, causing each man to examine his inner self and become closer to his associates. The people they meet, including those who may not survive, will affect all of them profoundly, and even shape the strategies of entire countries.

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“Well worth a read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mr. A. Thompson

What at first seems like another World War II novel soon turns into so much more – “don’t judge a book by its cover…” Well worth a read!

About the Author

I was born in Exeter, Devon, England in 1957.
During my childhood I developed a very vivid imagination which is reflected in my writing.
I am a caring, sensitive man with a deep spiritual nature.
My hobbies are American Kenpo Karate – Metal Detecting – History & Archaeology.
Although ‘The Awakening of Abraham Brown’ is fictional I dedicate this book to all those who gave their lives during WWII and to all the brave men & women who fought against Hitler’s tyranny.

During WWII my father saw action in North Africa and was mentioned in despatches for bravery. He was also badly wounded by shrapnel wounds to the head.
Sadly he died before my second birthday in 1958.

My mother was with British Intelligence during the war in which time two of her brothers were killed in action. The family home & business were destroyed during bombing raids upon the beautiful English city of Exeter.

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