Esmeralda Carvalho enjoys drawing and writing as a pastime, and has been inspired to write and illustrate children’s books due to her son’s late development at reading. Her work has been published in many educational and health related publications. Her children’s book series “The Hat in That” has recently been followed by a second book, “Catch the Cat”, which is becoming equally popular. The former book reached Amazon Canada’s best seller, in its category, in the first month of its release. Her first children’s book was Lily’s Magic Light, an environmental adventure story.
Esmeralda is currently working on the third book of the series The Hat in That, entitled “Eat the Treat”. She is also working on finalizing her life story in comic book format.

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Catch the Cat (The Hat in That Book 1)

catThis book’s concept centres on the simple fact that many English words are composed with other words integrated into them. I’m not referring to compound words, but words with other words hidden in them, such as HAT in THAT, or CAT in CATCH.
Catch the Cat is a fun and surprisingly educational book which stimulates learning through the search for words within words. It incorporates stories, rhymes and tongue twisters to create fun and lively word combinations that children love to find and say. It is the second book in the series The Hat in That.

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The Hat in That (Catch the Cat)

downloadThe book “The Hat in That” is a fun and lively book for children which centers on the simple concept that there are HIDDEN words in common ordinary English words. Using these hidden words the author has interwoven them to create fun to say poems, rhymes, tongue twisters and short stories for children and parents alike. The titles of the books: Catch the CAT and The HAT in THAT illustrate this concept.

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