A time when teenagers on BMX’s create worlds of imagination.
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Book Description:

Bootlegger Blurb

Welcome to 1987, part of the era of VHS and arcade games.

A time when teenagers on BMX’s create worlds of imagination.

The Four Horsemen, Tommy, Mikey, Kurt and Ted, need something new to spice up their gatherings, because, well, boys will be boys. When a stranger approaches Mikey with bootlegged tapes in the trunk of his car, Mikey isn’t interested, but the boardgame the man presents might just do the trick.

The Horsemen become Bootleggers to play this life-altering game, assuming avatars with a twist to every tale and forging into the realms created by a sadistic madman known as Mr. Nobody.

Everything is at risk, family and friends, and their entire town; they must play, or everyone dies.

When folk are murdered, the boys know there is only one way to end the game. It is time to change the rules and kick some ass.

Paul Rudd (Author)

I’m UK based and tend to delve into Sci-Fi/horror/fantasy genres. I always wondered what it would feel like to join the realms of fiction and to be in control of a vision or a creation whereby I have the say over every aspect of the outcome. Since as far back as I can remember movies have been an enormous attraction for me. The escapism, the transition from sitting in your living room to being drawn into a world that is so far from reality you feel euphoric once the fantastical world fades away. For me writing began as a release from the daily grinds of stress. I started writing SHARC purely for fun and for peace of mind. On the other hand when I started to build the characters and the Aquatic Research City itself I thought “what if…!” So I went for it. There is more to come, so keep em peeled for me folks. Sharc is merely the first little fish in a big pond.

A time when teenagers on BMX’s create worlds of imagination.

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