What key strategies generate explosive and incremental sales and profits in business? Many business owners in today’s marketplace struggle with the answer to this question. Mark Allen Roberts reveals these key strategies in his first book, “Branding Backwards – a Brand’s Odyssey Toward Self Discovery” (formerly Dnarb’s Journey). When writing this book, Mark Allen Roberts set out to answer the basic questions that companies have in regard to intentional positioning and branding. He chose the original title, “Dnarb’s Journey” to represent the books core message.

In his book, Roberts explains how to avoid “positioning by default” by strategically aligning products and services in the minds of consumers and purchase influencers. The content clearly explains why branding should always be intentional and how to successfully build and launch a brand. The content of Branding Backwards is presented in the form of a story, so that it will resonate and be remembered. Per Roberts, it was written with Einsten’s theory in mind, “If you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, then you probably do not understand it yourself.”

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” A Simple Guide for Sustaining Growth in Business through Intentional Positioning and Branding “

About the Author

Mark Allen Roberts founded OTB Solutions, LLC, in 2002 in response to companies requesting his advice and experience in sales and marketing leadership. His “out of the box” strategies have been used by his clients to sell product and service solutions in a variety of markets and business channels. In addition to helping clients with marketing and sales strategies, Roberts is a thought leader in his field. He has taught marketing at the collegiate level and is an author and public speaker. For more information, and to download your free copy of Branding Backwards, visit www.outbsolutions.com.

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