BREAKING NAIKINIMO by Murray Sackwild and Dick F.B. Fairweather

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Book Description:

Almost one thousand years ago, in the hamlet of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England – a proud mother ibis lay in her nest … her offspring eagerly hatching by her side. When born, the young ibis glowed in golden sheen and scribes forecast that when it died a natural death – in approximately one millennium hence – the drinker of its blood would gain the prize of immortality. The time has now come – a millennium passed and despotic criminal masterminds of the universe shall do battle to gain that prize. Together will combine multitudes of the greatest super-heroes in the cosmos – their aim? To halt the tyrannical desires of these evil beings bringing peace and harmony back to the disrupted universe … and beyond.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Mrs Tina Warren

I can not put this book down. It’s so well written and descriptive. Not normally a sci-fi fan, but gave this a try because it sounded different. It’s actually quite funny.

About the Author

Murray Sackwild was born in Reading, Berkshire, in 1960. He describes himself as a poet-philosopher but has spent most of his working life teaching History in Secondary Schools in Herts, Essex and Cambridgeshire. He grew up in Pinner, Middlesex, and currently lives with his partner in the depths of North West Essex. His son is named after 1990s Chelsea managers betraying a fanatical following of the Mighty Blues. If Dick F.B. Fairweather was real, he would have been born in Bristol in 1958 and would have been a trade union activist. He would have stood in countless local elections…losing them all. Dick would live alone, reliant on the financial income he gained via the publication of his seminal guidance novel Aircraft in the Eighteenth Century (now out of print) in the late 1970s.

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