61eAOapYVYL._SX340_BO1,204,203,200_In 1873, Quentin Cain was hanged, putting an end to a lifetime of murder and mayhem In 1875, Cain defied the odds and escaped from Hell to walk the mortal world again Hunted by minions of Lucifer himself, Cain struggles to avoid being returned to his eternal torment, facing a world he knows all too well, but seeing it like he never has before. In the third installment of the Legend of Quentin Cain, the most wanted man in Hell walks a dangerous line between the forces of Heaven and Hell.

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About the Author

Having escaped from Hell, Quentin Cain wanders the Old West with demons on his trail trying to take him back to Hell…but Quentin Cain ain’t going back.

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