Broken by JoAnn Hall

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Book Description:

Holly lived in Hell. Every day was torture and a lesson in surviving; she was running out of options and time. Her husband was bent on destroying her mentally, physically, and emotionally. She had no memory of her life before her husband, Zack; no memory of anything before her daughter was born. Her mind was like a hallway of empty picture frames, waiting to be filled.

Horror filled her every waking moment. Her body tortured to the brink of breaking down, her mind filled with terror from the moment she woke up. The only hope she had besides her daughter, was the dream. One that she dreamt almost nightly; one of a man who loved her and protected her. He was out there, and she would find him…if she wasn’t too broken

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About the Author

JoAnn Hall has lived and raised her family in East Mississippi. Writing poems, studying photography and becoming a published author in 2017. She now resides in East Tennessee.

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