Brother Against Brother

by – Mr. Steven D Shepard (Author)

Civil War

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Book Description:

Brother Against Brother, Civil War is a historical fictional novel about the Red River Campaign of the American Civil War as it was as experienced by Captain Douglas Ivey. Captain Ivey gets assigned by his commander, General Richard Taylor to assemble a rag tag squad of soldiers drafted from local Louisiana civilians and regular Confederate Army to conduct a recon mission south along the Red River to locate and number an invading Yankee Army. The story Brother Against Brother illustrates the personal losses and suffering the people of Northwest Louisiana and Captain Ivey experienced from the Civil War and the Red River Campaign that brought a bloody war to their doorstep. Along the way, Captain Ivey meets a unique assortment of characters from the North Louisiana region that illustrate the kind of people involved in that conflict, period and the war of 1864. The action of the story climaxes with Captain Ivey’s experience at the Battle of Mansfield and the capture of Captain Ivey’s own brother from the Union Army. Brother Against Brother, Civil War is a dramatic story of what happens to two brothers on opposite sides of a war after they have to face each other in armed combat.

Reviews for the Book

An exciting page-turner! I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter. It’s obvious that the author did a lot of research to make it historically accurate. And he developed the characters so well that you really cared what happened to them. I highly recommend it! - GG

About the Author: Mr. Steven D Shepard

Author Steven D. Shepard is an Artist/Technician, private pilot, licensed radio operator and is a graduate of the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service in Electronics. He has been engaged in the computer, electronics, lighting and solar industries since 1980. He has been actively employed as an independent contractor (d.b.a SBT Designs) since 1992 and continues to provide technical field service across central/southern Colorado. Steve Shepard has been a amateur practicing artist most of his life and has routinely produced work in drawing, photography and woodcarving. He is a resident of the State of Colorado and is always seeking new business opportunities. You can see more of his work at Getting Better All The Time!

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