Buddha, Christ, and the eagle

But she does find a new, joyous existence up on the roof of the world.
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Book Description:

They used to tell stories about Shangri-La, a land of peace and prosperity hidden in the heights of the Himalayas. In the adventure that lies ahead, Janet Locke doesn’t find the mythical city, but she does find a new, joyous existence up on the roof of the world.

This book is beautifully written, with a lot of insight into the connections between Buddhism, Christianity and teachings of Native Americans. I have never been to that part of the world and am not a biker, but this book makes me want to go there and experience what she experienced. I said thoughtful for the mood, but also very hopeful. I couldn't put it down once I started it. She also has some beautiful pictures which added even more; I can almost believe I was there with her. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a spiritual adventure.

-- Amazon Customer

I enjoyed reading this book very much. The quotes that open each of a chapters, taken from a variety of sources, were woven into the journey beautifully. The reader is taken on a very visual exploration of Bhutan, while observing the emotional journey of the key character in the book. As you eavesdrop on the conversations between the central character and many of the characters she meets in her travels, you can, at times imagine yourself in her situation and possibly gain some insights into what produces suffering, in our own lives, and maybe experience your own miracle. Overall, a good addition for your personal library.

-- Joseph Sansivero

About the Author ▸ Frances Rinaldi

Dr. Frances Rinaldi has based her work, Buddha, Christ, and the Eagle, on her own adventures while bicycling in the Himalayan Mountains of Bhutan. Rinaldi is an award-winning author. She has written a collection of short stories called Night Walk and a children’s book, How Silver Fox and Coyote Came to Color the Butterfly. Under the pen name F. R. Merrill, she wrote The Final Act, Crossroads, and Murder in Mosaic, a set of suspense thrillers known as the Straton Trilogy. Crossroads was a prizewinner in the Southwestern Book Festival, and Murder in Mosaic won in the Amsterdam Book Festival. When she isn’t writing or traveling, Rinaldi works as a doctor of chiropractic and a health coach. She is also an author and performer with the Brevard Theatrical Ensemble.