Burner by R. Scott Bolton

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Book Description:

As a decorated veteran of the Zombie Slave War, Horatio Bartholomew Fist takes it personally when a terrorist who calls himself Burner destroys the ZSW Memorial, killing thousands of innocent people. Fist not only eagerly accepts the assignment to bring the parties responsible to justice, he guarantees that Burner will never hurt anyone again. BURNER is a galaxy-spanning, action-filled sci-fi adventure.
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About the Author

R. Scott Bolton’s writing career got off to a solid start thanks to Mrs. Molitz, his fifth grade teacher, who encouraged his continuing series of Godzilla stories. Since then, he has written film reviews for the Ventura Today and Oxnard Press-Courier newspapers; music reviews for the Ventura County Reporter, and dozens of short stories, screenplays and novels. He was also a main contributor of reviews for the annual Ballantine Books publication, “Video Movie Guide,” edited by Mick Martin & Marsha Porter and is the founder/publisher/editor of Rough Edge, an online hard rock/heavy metal magazine (located on the web at www.roughedge.com).

Bitten by the radio bug in 2002, R. Scott Bolton appeared on KVTA radio as the co-host of the Burt Rosen Show and as Scott the Video Guy on The Tom Spence Show. Soon after, he created the Internet radio show Rough Edge Radio, which he has co-hosted since 2004, as well as the Backseat Mogul Show (2006) and the Friday Shot Day Show (2006), all of which currently air on RoughEdgeFM.com

R. Scott Bolton lives in Ventura, California with his wife Shelley, his son Joshua and their dogs, Leo and Zoey.

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