Business Network Security by Brenda Kay Winters

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Book Description:

We really live in the information age.

You need your business information and computers to be free from criminals, hacker, viruses and unauthorized access so here I will teach you how to do it.

As a last resort you may use a hammer.
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About the Author

Brenda Kay Winters and her daughter, Emilie Mignon have written over 250 books.

My books that cost more can help you make money-Trolls, Vintage!, Halloween and Easter Fun and Decorations and they also are picture books for people who cannot read or children.
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My web site sells books, troll dolls and ear phones-

Emilie Mignon and her books are bound to become best sellers and movies like Just another Red Riding Hood Story.

My books are how to books nd non fiction, and all genres-type in my name and my books can be found.

Just finished my first erotica novel called Forbidden and it is a most unusual book.

Brenda Kay was born in Vernon, Texas where her family owned Winters Monument business.

She became a Nurse at the age of 19 and worked for Denton County Sheriff’s Dept. as a jail Nurse and as a Prison Officer in Texas.

She was a Charge Nurse in California. Her daughter Mignon Morgan has traveled to the UK and also resides in Texas.

Brenda Winters lives in Austin, Texas
Brenda Kay Winters holds three degrees and is a graduate of Texas Tech University.

She had attended Warwick University in London, England,UK
Brenda Kay writes Political books like Trump, Carson and Cruz and Andrew Basiago for President.

Brenda Kay Winters wrote the CD and vinyl on Amazon called Broken
Brenda Winters has one grand daughter Gabriele Thompson who aspires to become a writer.
Brenda and her daughter write to pass on knowledge and help others.

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