COPE is the name of the ministry and brand I launched the very first week of Feb. 2017. COPE stands for crosses of persevering everything with Christ. “AS GOD IS MY WITNESS I’M STILL HERE SO MY PURPOSE IS NOT YET FINISHED”- KIJON COPE- Crosses of Persevering Everything With Christ I hope to touch and share God’s word with as many people as I can.  My goal is to share and inspire others and give them hope through putting God at the surface.  COPE will allow me to inspire along with help those in need when times are bad. Proceeds of sales will be divided up to go to charities, churches, homeless, complete strangers and more! Philippians 4:13 Proverbs3:5-6 are my TOP two life verses COPE stands for Crosses of Persevering Everything With Christ With God all things are possible and we MUST TRUST HIM ALWAYS. Hope you like the page and GOD BLESS ! 🙂
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first.. Philippians 4:13… proverbs 4:13 .1Corinthians 10:31…

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