California Bound

If you like rich descriptions, multidimensional characters, and tales that bring history to life, then you’ll love this wild “shoot ’em up” adventure across the Rio!
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Book Description:

Texas Lawmen won’t go!
The U.S. Cavalry can’t go!
2 Civil War vets wade the Rio to find a stolen girl!

In a Union POW camp, Jeb and Zach dreamed of California Gold, but the road West leads Jeb to his sis’s home in Texas. They ride home to find a border war raging on the Rio Bravo near Eagle Pass TX! Cattle rustled! Ranches burnt! Innocents killed or kidnapped! Juan Cortina holds a grudge against the Yankees, and he lets his younger brother, Miguel, ride roughshod along the Rio.

Jeb’s niece Rebecca is missing. Jeb is wounded when he confronts 2 Cortina men about her location. A young widow tends Jeb in healing after the Doc sews his wound. Jeb and Zach take a shine to the bold and sassy lady.

“Aww, man. After all the time we been together, are we gonna fight over a woman?” Zach asked.
“No fight needed,” Jeb said. “She’s gonna decide, then get us think it was our idea.”
“She always does,” Zach replied.

Jeb and Zach trick Cortina to rescue Rebecca but Miguel crosses the Rio Bravo to take Eagle Pass hostage! Either Jeb and Zach surrender to him or he burns the town! He plans to marry Rebecca!
Jeb and Zach promised to put an end to Miguel’s rampage—or die trying!
Will they ever get to California?

California Bound is the first dramatic story in the Jeb and Zach series of gritty westerns. If you like rich descriptions, multidimensional characters, and tales that bring history to life, then you’ll love this wild “shoot ’em up” adventure across the Rio!

Buy California Bound to ride across the Rio to fight the bandits of the Wild West today!

California Bound, by Frank Kelso and John O’Melveny Woods, is simply great western story-telling. California Bound is gritty, tough and ruthless – the sort of Clint Eastwood style of action in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and yet, with the panache, flippant and flirtatious flamboyance of saddle-riding, gun-shooting cowboys who smile at danger and wink at death at every turn. The detail, the authenticity of the vernacular, the humorous dialogue and the touch of classic, “save the damsel in distress” – makes it an all-round good story to hang onto into the late hours of the night. Like Louis L’Amour, who drew the line in the sand, between the white hats and the bad hats, California Bound doesn’t pull any punches when the life and death confrontations occur. The two main characters, Jeb and Zach, are like Robert Redford and Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, only they are more remorseless when it comes to taking out the bad guys and when the blood and guts pour out, the authors have not spared the reader the vivid descriptions. Overall, a fun and entertaining read – true classic western-style stuff.

-- Réal Laplaine

Frank Kelso (Author)

About Frank Kelso Frank Kelso grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, the origin of the Santa Fe Trail. Historic sites, monuments, and statues abound highlighting the journey west, including the Wagons West, Pioneer Women and the Indian Scout located on the bluffs overlooking the wide Missouri. Writing western themed books fit in with his upbringing. His parents considered storytelling a family tradition and the taller the tale, the better, when sharing around the supper table. A biomedical research scientist in his day job, Frank writes short stories and novels to keep the family traditions alive. He enjoys living on an island on the Alabama Gulf Coast at the Florida border. Can you say Flora-Bama Beach Bar? Welcome to Paradise Island: sunny days, sugar white sands, turquoise blue water, fishing, and smooth sailing. Come on down, Y’all. About John O’Melveny Woods Mr. Woods has been writing screenplays, television shows and books since attending the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts in the early 1990’s. His first fiction novel, Return to Treasure Island, has received numerous awards and recognition including the prestigious Silver Medal for book of the year by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and book of the year for Young Adult fiction from the San Diego Writers Association. The book was forwarded by LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow and Star Trek fame, and was praised by Clive Cussler and Jack Butler. ( His next book, Jesse James Secret, was a creative blend of the biographical, historical and fictional novel genres, and was the basis for Jesse James Hidden Treasure, a two hour special shown on the History Channel and Executive Produced and written by Mr. Woods. The program was a top rated show for the network. The book was nominated for an award by the San Diego Writers Association for Biography. ( His next project is the first in a series of action/adventure books based on The Seekers ( titled Lost Tomb of Alexander. They are based on John’s fascination and passion for Unexplained Archeology, will be a fully interactive and immersive experience combining books, games, web sites and music, taking advantage of the latest technologies within each category. The Lost Tomb of Alexander, The Seekers Book I is in pre-release now and available for purchase. ( The Crusaders has been a work in progress for John for 45 years: the story of his growing up with his friends in the 1960’s. in Southern California. It is a heartfelt narrative of their adventures and bonding friendships during those unique and life-changing times. Referred to as the ‘American Graffiti’ of the ’60’s, it is both humorous and poignant. ( John is now working on another series of books titled Southern Man, an action/adventure tale based on a Man and his former slave after he returns home to the south and experiences the effects of reconstruction. It is due out in the fall of 2015. John’s author website is

If you like rich descriptions, multidimensional characters, and tales that bring history to life, then you’ll love this wild “shoot ’em up” adventure across the Rio!

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