Call Mama by Terry H Watson

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Book Description

When Lucy Mears is abducted her mother, a self-made wealthy business woman, expects a ransom demand. Weeks go by and no such demand materialises causing alarms bells to ring for Lucy’s family and friends.

The investigators soon realise that normal criminal motives have been replaced by worrying and potentially much more sinister intent. Attention changes rapidly from one potential suspect to another. Current and former employees of Mears Empire, the Mears household staff, Lucy’s music tutor, and even complete strangers all become the focus of the investigation at various times, but the perpetrator remains undetected.

The terrified girl and her strange captors encounter countless difficulties and unimaginable dangers as they journey across the United States to their ultimate destination where their mysterious purpose is finally revealed.

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“Superb Characterisation, Fast Pace, Hidden Agendas”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Bev Gordon

Twists and turns galore! I was left breathless at times! I’m going to keep this short because anything I say will end up being a spoiler; there’s so much to comment on but everything I think of gives the game away! Suffice, however, to mention the superb characterisation, the fast pace and the hidden agendas. Well done to Ms Watson and I read somewhere that a sequel could be on the cards. I’ve just looked it up: “Scamper’s Find”. Can’t wait to find out if… see, I still can’t write anything because it turns into a spoiler. I should add that the book is a complete novel in itself. Highly recommended.

About the Author

Retired teacher Terry began her writing career in 2014 and has published a mystery thriller trilogy: The Lucy Trilogy, composed of Call Mama, Scamper’s Find, The Leci legacy.
Her children’s book is The Clock that Lost its Tick and other Tales.
Terry is presently revamping her short story compilation: A Tale or Two and a Few More, along side a cosy crime trilogy: A Case for Julie, A Break for Julie and A Letter for Julie.

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