Captain Leo by Patricia León

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The Earth is just a dead planet that spins uninhabited in the space. When the ozone layer finally disappeared, animals, plants and almost all humanity perished.
People remaining managed to survive by traveling to Azul Terra, a planet similar to the Earth. Unfortunately, this planet seems to be condemned to disappear too.
The leader of the survivors is Captain Leo, a brave scientist that decided to depart in his spaceship to try to find a new place to live and save the humankind.
Captain Leo’s team is integrated by extraordinary companions:
Maris, scientist and an expert in transforming species using genetic experiments.
Columba. Has the ability to fly with wings that grow from her back whenever she feels danger.
Botswar, half human and half robot.
Traveling into the space they found another solar system that has a new planet similar to the Earth called Grama.
When they landed in Grama, they found Maridia, a girl who has been chased by a fierce creature called critka.
Captain Leo manages to destroy the horrible beast and saves Naridia who was really scared. But the story just begins…

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About the Author

About the author.
Patricia Fernandini Leon was born in Lima, Peru. She was the fourth of six children, four men and two women, with whom she grew up with playing games and living countless adventures. Since very little, she was always encouraged to paint by her father, who was a pastels artist.
Patricia studied graphic design and then ventured into the publishing world, having edited more than 1,500 titles for different publishers to the date. Upon entering a competition in the Ministry of Education of Peru, she won three titles that had 50,000 copies published. As of that moment, she started writing a frenzy of works based on creativity and imagination.
Her collections include tales for children, early stimulation, stories about values and tales about ecology and animals, given she is overly sensitive to animal cruelty and is always encouraging their well-being in her stories. Some of her most cherished stories about animals belong to “Help the Animals” collection, especially Waistcoat and the Chinese storekeeper, Lady Lemon and the Plastic Monster, and Goosie and the Prince (featuring Prince Charles of England); which can be found both in English and in Spanish. Her “Urban Tales” collection has had a great response from teenagers, featuring Young City 1, 2 and 3, stories based on her own classroom experiences and her beloved neighborhood, Miraflores. She has published several comics, including Captain Leo, printed by El Comercio publishing house through chapter 42, and a pro-ecology comic based on her novel Grama … posible Edén, now available in 5 volumes in Createspace and Amazon. She is currently illustrating a classic literature collection with 3D effects, having already completed 6 volumes and expecting to finish it by March 2016. She has taken this challenge with great affection hoping to surprise her readers.
Having already printed more than 120 works, it is just the start for her as every day holds new and exciting experiences for her to share.
For more information about her, visit her blog at

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