The Captivated Audience by Alexander Ray

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Book Description:

51t14mEcecL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_An entertaining page-turner that could literally change your entire world view. If you subscribe to what “The Captivated Audience: Hoaxes, Illusions and the Biblical Earth” proposes, it will warrant you to forsake NASA and some of the scientific theories that we have been indoctrinated to believe as inherent truths. Only you can awaken from this “Masonic Induced Hypnosis” that we have been under, and become aware that you have been an unconscious member of the “Captivated Audience.” The subject matter is controversial, without a doubt, but it is also challenging and implores you to read with an open mind and use critical thinking. This book discusses the lunar landing, Antarctica, Genesis, and so much more.

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“Captivating indeed”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Syl Stein

This is a must read and captivating book just like the title of his book. New Author Alexander Ray takes you on a profound journey through this book and really make you see and take a deeper look on what we as humans are prone to believe. As a person of faith I really liked how Alexander Ray is able to correlate the biblical word in this alluring look at what we we had always thought and really makes you think. Captivating indeed!

About the Author

I enjoyed writing The Captivated Audience: Hoaxes, Illusions and the Biblical Earth, and I hope people love it and learn from it.

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