Cardinal Machines

Both beautiful and buttoned-down, he ends up installed in Zoey’s front room, and things are looking up – her model was designed for federal investigations and general law-enforcement.
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Book Description:

Katherine Zoey Cardinal would rather be known as Zoey Collins. It makes her invisible in school, at home, and lifts the eponymous mantle of her Great Aunt – a Mother of A.I., and 1st to put androids on the moon – from her shoulders. The Collins family is rife with penetration-testers and Private Eyes, a gene Zoey has inherited in spades. Emancipated from the Cardinals, Zoey is trying to make it on her own when her Great Aunt dies, leaving her a prototype Cardinal Machine.

Both beautiful and buttoned-down, he ends up installed in Zoey’s front room, and things are looking up – her model was designed for federal investigations and general law-enforcement. Very helpful when Zoey finds a man she’s tracking, dead, in a seaside park. The Sheriff’s Department rules it an accident, but her android’s assessment calls it murder….
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This novel is remarkable for its ability to introduce artificial intelligence into the world of a YA audience. The story is engaging and the tech is spot on. I really enjoyed the ways the author introduced some of the philosophical issues with AI, especially potential ways humans might relate to AI. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series!

-- Ross A

Excellent. I really enjoyed this one. I hate the minimum word requirement on the Amazon reviews so I rarely leave one

-- Kindle Customer

About the Author ▸ Tracy Eire

I come from a much-storied island off the coast of Eastern Canada and am an avid collector of things, like dolls, books, and ghost hunting tips. I have a background in literature and psychology, with an entirely unhealthy dollop of technology (that’s run a decade now and includes Clouds of all kinds)! I probably paint far too much and think about trivia and oddities about the same, and it all comes out on the page. I’ve been writing professionally for about 7 years now. Give my work a read if you’re interested in near-future science fiction, ghost-stories, and kick-@$$ heroines! Please feel free to visit me here: I’m also currently using Patreon as a public site, and you can find more about that here: Thanks and happy reading!