Careering offers young people a seamless step-by-step process to help teens avoid career traps. It’s the information-packed guide for students, teens and young adults to explore their career future – and its an ideal size for a pocket!

Topics include how to explore career options; network effectively; apply for jobs; develop interviewing skills; and conduct oneself once landing a job. The interactive, engaging “workbook” format allows for readers to write their plans, interests and aspirations on blank lines provided. Careering also contains a quick reference guide on participating in college immersion programs; summer camps; competitions; seasonal and entry-level jobs; and internships; and offers other key resources. Plus, Tamara offers advice for teens on how to responsibly use social media, so it doesn’t hurt their chances of landing work.

Careering offers a practical way to explore, experience and eliminate possible career paths. Specifically, Careering is a concise and easy-to-read pocket guide that helps young people:
· Evaluate their interests, skills, and passions
· Identify jobs, internships, and volunteer positions that align with their personal gifts
· Identify multiple career exploration avenues, from camps to summer jobs
· Put together a resume and references, even if they’ve never had a “real” job
· Learn how to network, apply for jobs and develop interviewing skills
· Learn how to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities
· Learn how not to use social media if they want to land a job