Cargo 3120

by – Aaron Walker (Author)

Ties that Bind

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Book Description:

In the year 3120, Marcus La’Dek, leaves the brutal life of a mercenary, a life he barely survived. He returns home to keep the family’s interstellar shipping business afloat, and care for an ailing niece.

In desperate need of money, Marcus embarks on what was supposed to be a simple cargo run, but ends up at the center of a galactic conflict that’s fueled by politics, organized crime, and a mysterious alien race-to which someone close to him has an ominous connection.

About the Author: Aaron Walker 

After serving in the United States Army, Aaron attended college where he graduated with honors, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Game Software Development. Aspiring to become a writer, Aaron learned the art of screenwriting and storytelling from award-winning writer, producer, published author, and Science Fiction guru: Larry Brody (Star Trek TNG, Star Trek Voyager, HBO’s Spawn the Animated Series). Aaron’s first teleplay: CARGO (upon which Cargo 3120 is based, a concept he co-created with Daymond C. Roman and Lloyd Walker Jr.), placed as a finalist in the 2012 People’s Pilot competition. The following year the pilot episode of Cargo would once again, along with Episode 2 (co-written with Daymond C. Roman) place as finalists in the People’s Pilot competition. With the positive reception of the concept, he made the decision to tell the story of Cargo 3120 as a series of novels. Having been a fan of Science Fiction since he was a child, Aaron hopes to one day make his mark on the genre.