31hCfxzWexL._UX250_For more than a thousand years, the dwarves have hidden away from the world in their ravine city of Arx Gravis.
Governed by an inflexible council whose sole aim is to avoid the errors of the past, the defining virtue of their society is that nothing should ever change.

But when the Scriptorium is broken into, and Ravine Guard Carnifex Thane sees a homunculus fleeing the scene of the crime, events are set in motion that will ensure nothing will ever be the same again.

Deception and death are coming to Arx Gravis.

The riddles that preceded Carnifex’s birth crystalize into a horrifying fate that inexorably closes in.

But it is in blood that legends are born, and redemption is sometimes seeded in the gravest of sins.
For Carnifex is destined to become the Ravine Butcher, before even that grim appellation is forever lost, along with everything that once defined him.

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“Great Work deserves Great Praise”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Christopher

This is one of the best written books from D.P. Prior. The story is full of twists and turns. The “Nameless Dwarf,” comes into his own in this story of his life before the “axe.” I loved the characters and their complexities of thought and action as they relate with one another. The tale moves quickly and gives the reader a chance to see what motivates them throughout the story.

You need to whet your reading experience within this realm that D.P. has created. There is plenty of action and suspense. Read a few of the other reviews to get more specific examples and story lines, because I’m not going to spoil the ride for anyone. Great work deserves great praise. Here’s to D.P. Prior and his wonderful story with the Realms of the “Nameless Dwarf.” Cheers…

About the Author

D.P. Prior is the bestselling fantasy author of Legends of the Nameless Dwarf and the Shader series. He is represented by Laurie McLean at Fuse Literary (http://www.fuseliterary.com)

Raised on a diet of old school Sword and Sorcery, and later influenced by the Heroic Fantasy of David Gemmell, the literary epics of Stephen R. Donaldson, and the “grimdark” offerings of Joe Abercrombie, Prior combines the imaginative daring of the old with the realism, tight point of view, and gallows humor of the new.

As well as being a prolific author, D.P.Prior is also an experienced fiction editor with an impressive portfolio of clients (http://homunculuseditingservices.blogspot.com).

He has also worked as a personal trainer, and is a competing member of the US All-Round Weightlifting Association.

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