CATS by Stephen B. Pearl

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Book Description:

The cerebral interface has revolutionised society. Need a ride? With a thought the cab is on its way. Want an adventure? Enter a VR 5 computer game nearly indistinguishable from reality. Amanda arranges for her Big Sisters Program little sister, Rachel, to spend a day gaming as a fourteenth birthday present. Amanda never suspects that her insane ex-boyfriend, Jim, will use a computer virus to trap her and her companions in the game. A pleasant diversion becomes a life and death struggle as her party seek a way to come back to the real world without triggering a program that will cause nanobots to rip their brains to shreds. To complicate matters, in the game scenario the adventurers have been transformed into cats. Will the party survive? Will Amanda admit that Rachel’s older brother, Tyrell, might just be her future? Will the computer virus Jim used to trap them become a cyber plague that could kill thousands?
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About the Author

Stephen B. Pearl is an author of speculative fiction. In the finest tradition of writers, he has had a varied past that touches on everything from emergency medicine to being a mad science instructor for a kids after school program. If you saw him between haircuts the mad scientist isn’t much of a stretch. If you get him started talking about environmental technologies you soon learn, to your likely regret, that mad scientist is actually an apt description. Stephen’s strong belief is that good fiction flows from good fact, so he can often be found researching elements of his next work. His life long association with felines has factored greatly into the work you are holding. This view has also led him to learn the basics of several forms of sword play. ( SCAers take note, I am one of you. Yes, hit in the head with a rattan sword one to many times. ) At a personal level he lives with his wife and, at present, three cats not to mention the strays that frequent his backyard. This ladder group extends out to skunks, racoons and possums. The household cats seem to be of the opinion that Stephen is an adequate servant and they will continue to permit him to live in their house. The stray cats are of the opinion that the household cats are spoiled, but since Stephen puts out the food the household cats don’t eat for the strays, the strays aren’t saying much. For more about Stephen B. Pearl please visit: Website: Amazon: Face book:!/StephenBPearl?ref_type=bookmark YouTube: Blog:

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