Can an archivist, a diplomat, and a mercenary prevent war on Earth’s first interstellar colony?


Sent from a desperate, dying Earth, the Terra and Humana — multi-generational colony ships — landed on humanity’s last chance, the planet Novus. Thirty years later, the unity amid the fledgling Novan city-states has begun to wane while the pioneer spirit rages on. Each seeks independence in a world where the fate of the human race demands cooperation.

In the powerful capitol of Delphi, young diplomat Isaac is forced to navigate outside the bureaucracy under the auspices of a mentor who may not be entirely forthright with his dangerous methods. Nearby in the restrictive Novan library, headstrong archivist Landra leaves behind doubting superiors, endeavoring into the field to record evidence after a strange and devastating nuclear accident. Meanwhile, leveraged mercenary Oren has his morals tested endlessly as double agent between the ruthless, northern capitol of Isorca and the rising freedom fighter cell known as the Geist.

Their paths will collide as the people they trust and those they call leaders prepare for a new war and a shocking, impossible truth buried beneath the planet’s surface threatens to change the course of human history.

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