download (1)Mercedes Ford, affectionately called Bubbler, left the inner-city ghetto of Kingston to dance in a club in the tourist resort area of Montego Bay. She caught the attention of the club owner, Danny, who sought her help in managing the club. He was busy with an undercover business and did not have the time to manage both businesses. An incident at the club brought Bubbler and Danny closer and a romance developed. At the same time, she was also in love with Greg, a German tourist, whom she first met on the beach. Torn between two lovers, Bubbler believes the universe brought her and Greg together and her heart ached to be with him even though she was always with Danny.

This is a story filled with love, disappointments and gut-wrenching pain as one of Bubbler’s lovers was brutally ripped away from her. It also depicts a young woman full of life and humor, with an air of confidence and determination, as she sets out to seek revenge against those who she believes wronged her.

Woven throughout the novel, you will find portrayals of the spirit of the Jamaican culture and life in the inner-city ghetto. This novel will not only capture your attention, but will also move your heart.

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“Great Story!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Lesha

I enjoyed this book. In the beginning, middle and end I was captivated the book did not lie when it said there would be funny, happy and sad moments. My heart broke though I loved Danny a lot I already miss him. Anyways I can’t wait for the sequel!!!!!

About the Author

In March 1996, Jules migrated to the United States from Jamaica. She lived in Maryland for several years before relocating to Georgia where she currently lives with her husband and three children.

Jules graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from Howard University in Washington, DC. She also received a Master of Business Administration degree from Troy University in Troy, Ala.

An Island girl at heart, Jules enjoys visiting places with warm weather and vacationing at the beach. She is an avid reader who reads everything and she absolutely loves writing! It brings out the creativity in her and allows her to venture into uncharted waters.

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