If you are caught up in the negativity of life and suffer from depression, worry, doubt, anger or low self-esteem, help may be as simple as changing your mind. Do you find yourself struggling to find happiness and success in life? Do you feel like you don’t deserve a great life? Do you expect bad things to happen to you? Science, spiritualism and Christianity all support the power of positive expectation and the positive self-fulfilling prophecy. Join others in recognizing wrong thinking and changing your mind to ultimately change your life. In this powerful and inspiring book, join Dr. Lynn M. List, successful author, speaker and personal coach as she shares the journey through her own scientific research and divine revelation with an honest sharing of the truth she learned through the Spirit of God. Change your life today by simply changing your mind!
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“Doubtful, Depressed and Dreading”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Barbie K

I lived a life similar to Dr. List’s. I hail from a dysfunctional family and still live with and care for an 85-year old very controlling and critical mother. Was I doomed to continue to suffer in this miserable lifestyle?
Dr. List’s book has given me a re-birth. I am finding hope with her help and the help of God.
I was totally amazed with several situations she described in her book. It was like I really knew her. One particular story she told I found breathtaking. It was about what happened the first time after her family had their first swim in the
new pool they just had put in.
This book will give you new hope and you will learn that God never has abandoned you in any way. In fact, He is so much more there for you than you ever knew.
Thank you, so very much, Dr. List, for giving me the push to start living. It’s never too late.

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Christian Author, Speaker, Teacher & Personal Life Coach-Change Agent-Believes the law of attraction was created by God to help us live.

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