Charades of a Billionaire

by – Kew Ray (Author)

A Fake Dating Romance

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Book Description:

Pretending to be the girlfriend of a silver fox billionaire is like exhibiting a piece of art.  

You want everyone to buy it.

Mark Darcy is an older, arrogant, grumpy, sexy billionaire that enjoys displaying his priceless art collection.

I work at the Art Gallery, and I have an upcoming art show featuring Mark’s collection.

But the consent form for his collection went missing and I need Mark’s signature once again.

I went to see him, he wasn’t happy, but there was a glimmer in his eye that told me he liked what he saw.

He agreed to sign only if I attend his parent’s anniversary celebration as his fake girlfriend.

I didn’t have a choice.  It was a business transaction I needed.

At the party, we were both so good at fooling everybody.

But his touches, his gaze, the near kiss,  it stops feeling fake until disaster strikes

Now Mark is back wanting a second chance

For real this time.

Reviews for the Book

5-Stars on Amazon
OMG!! This book was so good and it was a page-turner and the suspense was like what!!! I could not stop reading this book or even put it down for a second. I was just sucked right into this story of these two characters. Parker and Mark's chemistry started to build up and it was like fireworks. There was drama, lies, romance, and even love. Their attraction was so hot and steamy that she was the fake fiancé and he was the handsome billionaire as he try to avoid his parents at an event.

About the Author: Kew Ray

Kew Ray resides in Texas and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Journey with her and explore

the love and passion of contemporary romance through Kew Stories.

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